You say the password and you are led down the velvet curtained hallway. The oily plasticy scent of latex and lube slaps you in the face. Panting, you are soon on your knees, being whipped with a fine leather instrument while someone shoves a bottle of Rush in your face. Ecstacy and pleasure are all you can think as you're filled up completely...


Notes: Frangipani (wild-harvested), sustainably harvested vietnamese agarwood, blood cedarwood, wormwood, white musk, vetiver, choya nakh, black cumin, bergamot, and rose petals. 


'Anal' is a serious scent. It's very strong, with extra strong sillage and longevity. The wild-harvested plumeria (from India) and sustainably harvested agarwood (from Vietnam) give the scent an utterly decadent base that twists around notes of latex and musk.


SKU: PU00004
  • 50mL