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165 BPMs is the latest testament to UFO Parfums' rigorous belief that perfume and music are interrelated and interconnected. Perfume, we've always said, is the arrangement of scent molecules and notes in the same way that music is the arrangement of waves and notes. They share a lot of language and they tickle the same parts of our cerebellum, often hedonically.


Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, 165 BPMs is a symphony of unconventional notes. Ambergris, Araucaria from the Great Norfolk Pine, Buddhawood (a.k.a. False Sandalwood) from Southern Australia, Cassie, Honeysuckle Absolute from Aftelier, Immortelle Absolute, Labdanum Absolute, Massoia Bark from Indonesia, Bulgarian Rose Otto, Roman Chamomile, Silver Fir from John Steele, Spikenard, and Tonka Bean harmoniously blend to create a creamy, "dark and hard" scent that resonates with the essence of hardcore techno.


165 BPMs is almost entirely made with rare natural materials.

165 BPMs

  • Keep in a cool, dry place. Fragrance may be refrigerated to keep it fresh for years. No returns.

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